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Students and parents consistently give their Smart Alec tutors 5 stars.* That's because Smart Alec tutors are dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals.

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Students Rate 
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4.98/5 on average

Students Rate 
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4.91/5 on average

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Our tutors are professors, top classroom teachers, medical doctors and more. Above all, they are passionate about helping students succeed.

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Academic help for your child.

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With so many trusted tutors available, you can get the help you need, when you need it – even if that means same-day.

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Work with guaranteed great tutors for half the price. Our tutors work harder and care more about student success because of our fair pricing policy. Learn more.

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Our tutors travel to you at no extra charge. That means that students get to learn in the comfort of their own homes and you spend less time being their personal chauffeur.

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Our simple and secure online payments make checkout a breeze, so you never have to worry about paying with checks or cash again. Learn more.

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