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About Us

What is Smart Alec?

Smart Alec is the in-person, on-demand tutoring platform. Parents and students can seamlessly book same-day sessions for last-minute academic help or use our scheduler to find convenient session times in the coming weeks, no matter how busy their schedules. Smart Match, our student-tutor compatibility algorithm, and our rigorous hiring process, ensures that we connect students with truly great teachers matched to their specific needs.

Our Mission

Who was your greatest teacher? Chances are one or two remarkable individuals come to mind. Chances are those educators inspired you, took an interest in you and your potential, and influenced your life for years to come.

At Smart Alec, we believe that a single great teacher can change the course of a student’s life, and it’s our mission to empower those teachers so they can reach more students, more powerfully than ever before.

Our Team

Smart Alec is built by a team of developers, designers, operations specialists and professional tutors, all passionate about bringing about reform to the industry through the power of technology.

Our co-founders are Nir Goshen, Nathan Kane, Anthony Keene and Vladislav Mickevic. Our visionary angel investor is D. Harari.

Our amazing developers are Ken Chan, Kate Eldridge, Max Perry and Armen Vartan.

Smart Alec Company Members