Background Check Policy

Did you know that all Smart Alec tutors have passed a background check?

With Smart Alec, you’re guaranteed an amazing tutoring experience every single time and that starts with tutor quality and safety. As part of our tutor hiring process, all tutors have to pass a background check. To provide this service to the Smart Alec community, we have partnered with Checkr, a well-respected and accredited background check provider.

How Does It Work?

Checkr conducts a background check including:

  • Identity Verification
  • Sex Offender Registry Check
  • Global Watchlist Check
  • National Criminal Records Check

In addition to our rigorous application process, tutors have to pass these checks in order to be eligible to join the Smart Alec platform.

Student Safety Tips

While all Smart Alec tutors are subject to our rigorous interview process including the background check, it’s important to remember that Smart Alec tutors are independent agents. The background check will not cover all federal, state and county records, and all databases may not be up to date.

Please refer to Smart Alec’s Safety Tips page to help you have a safe and productive tutoring experience with Smart Alec tutors.