Payments and Scheduling Policies

Smart Alec Payments

All session payments are processed through the Smart Alec website, which means that checkouts are simple and secure and you never have to worry about paying with checks or cash again. Prior to booking your first session, you need to add a valid credit or debit card to your account.

After a session occurs, your tutor confirms that the session has been completed and Smart Alec automatically charges your card for the total session payment.

In order to verify your credit card, Smart Alec places an authorization for the total payment amount on your card approximately 48 hours in advance of the session start time. Please note that the funds will not be released until after the session has been completed.

To update your payment information, please click here or go to the billing tab on the profile section of your student dashboard.

Student Scheduled Sessions

With Smart Alec, scheduling tutoring sessions is a seamless experience. By using our intuitive scheduler, you can see a tutor's upcoming availabilities and select a time that works for you. After entering your address and billing information, your session is instantly confirmed, meaning no phone calls, no back and forth, and no hassle.

For tutors without recently updated availabilities, you can request to book a session. In this case the tutor will be notified of your request and one of our education specialists will reach out to help you set up a session.

If you need help booking a tutor, you can watch this video or schedule a consultation with a Smart Alec education specialist.

Tutor Scheduled Sessions

When you are working with a tutor on a regular basis, you have the option to allow them to schedule sessions with you directly.

To approve a tutor to schedule sessions with you, log in to your Smart Alec account. From the "My Tutors" page of your student dashboard, you can click the toggle to the righthand side of your tutor's details to allow them to schedule sessions with you directly. Please note that the default credit card associated with your account will be used for sessions scheduled by this tutor.

As with student scheduled sessions, Smart Alec will place an authorization on your credit card approximately 48 hours before the session's start time, and the funds will only be released after the tutor has marked the session as completed.

You can change this setting at any time by going to the "My Tutors" page of your student dashboard, and you can always cancel sessions with no penalty up to 24 hours in advance of the session start time.

Students will not be charged a cancellation fee for tutor-scheduled sessions booked less than 48 hours in advance of the session start time.